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hello! welcome to my group.
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Abbi Meets Scout by icefir

-Ork Library-

*End of Flashback*

Abbi: *Gets out of bed and grabs her glasses* Same thing. Now, maybe you can answer this; Where is my husband and children?

Twilight: their're Downstairs, and one more thing, you better look what you have now. *point her hoof at Abbi wings*

Abbi: *Looks around* I don't see anything. *Wings expand* Whoa! What the hell?!

Twilight: you're somehow a Pegasus when you got here last night, along with others.

Abbi: Is Samantha Maxis a "Pegasus" as well?

Twilight: no, an earth pony. if your wondering Sweating a little... By the way: I'm Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship and owner of this Library.

Spike: And I'm Spike, A dragon. ;)

Abbi: Oh. *Walks towards the door and heads downstairs*

Spike: *looks at Twilight* Twilight, when are you going tell BLU Team about what happened 21 weeks ago? :? (Confused)

Twilight: No Spike, I won't, since Knight became Demonic Announcer last night, they can't know as long we keep this a secret from them.

-Back to Richtofen, Downstairs-

He's all dressed and as he adjust his hat on his head near his horn, It's almost hard to put this coat's holes for his wings. All of this..... This place is almost quite familiar.

Richtofen: It'z all too ztrange, Thiz can't be real, Nein nein, Twilight said her name and it's too Familiar to me. *Looks in mirror* Even more: I vish I vould Learn about this ''Alicorn'' Vhatever it is...

Then Suddenly, An Orange Earth Pony Stallion bust open the door by his left back leg, He's almost looked Familiar,
He's eyes are blue, mane and tail was Blonde, wearing Dogtags, Black tank-top, Green Marine outfit with sleeves rolled up and scar on his nose, His Cutie Mark was Camouflage Star. Then that's when Richtofen realizes who's that Stallion was: That Stallion was Tank Dempsey!

Dempsey: *Ran towards him and pins Richtofen to the wall* I know you sent us here!! Don't try to lie to me this time!!

Richtofen: *frighten* I didn't turn on zhe Teleporter! I saw it turn on!! All on it's own!!

Dempsey: Yeah nice try!

???: デンプシーは、それは十分です。(Translation: Dempsey, that's enough.)

Richtofen heard that language before, tilts his head to see a Familiar Pegasus, Dark Gray fur, Wearing Japanese Captain's clothing, with Katina sheathed on his belt, His front hooves wrapped in bandage. His 'Stache, Mane and tail was Black as Coal and his eyes are brown, His Cutie Mark was Japanese Sun with Katina. Richtofen knows who he is: Samurai named Takeo Masaki

Richtofen: *looks at him* Hello Takeo...

Takeo: I still remember when you betray us on the Moon, And now this, You clam you saw Teleporter turn on by it's own, almost like how it happened.

Richtofen: I really it happened: Teleporter on... All on it's own.

???: Есть водка в там! ?!? (translstion: Is there Vodka in there!?!?)

Richtofen turn to see male Dark-Blue drunken Unicorn appeared to be a Russian, wearing a green scarf over his hat and head, wearing Sergeant uniform, He's mane was dark brown and his eyes was blue. Doctor does know that Stallion was an alcoholic. He's does know his name was Nikolai Belinski

Richtofen: Hello Nikolai, Meine Russian Friend.

Nikolai: *turn around* it's you! Hi! *raises his hoof* :meow:

Takeo: *Face palm* oy...

Richtofen: Anyway, Your ponies too?

Dempsey: *lets him down easy* Yeah, you just said that Teleporter turned on by it's self.

Ricntofen: Ja, I saw it happened. ^^;


Abbi: *walks down the stairs, Sighs* What else could go wrong? I hope my parents and my other fellow members are alright....

Allie: MOMMY!!! *lands on Abbi*

Abbi: HOLY CRAP!! *Falls on the floor* Allie!!

Allie: Sorry, I'm just happy you're okay!

Abbi: *Smiles* So am I Allie.

*then she finds weasel, Jr and NZ Group*

Abbi: Weasel?

Weasel: Abbi?

Abbi: *Smiles, blushes and runs towards him* AL!

*Abbi jumps on weasel*

Nikolai: *now a grayish blue unicorn* :) (Smile)

Takeo: *Now a Dark Gray Pegasus* *sighs in relief*

Dempsey: *Now yellow-ish orange earth pony* Thank God. ;) (Wink)

Richtofen: *Now an Blue Alicorn, thoughts: I'm jealous...T.T*

Abbi:*notice Richtofen* You bastard! You sent us here didn't you?!?

Richtofen: I did nothzing! Zhe Damn Teleporter Did it! I zaw it turn on all on it's own! I'm telling zhe truth!

Abbi: Wherever Edward, I don't have time for your bull s*it. I'd like to see my family.

Richtofen: O_o

Abbi: *Walks away to Weasel, Allie, Jr, Misty & Marlton*

Abbi: Николай (Nikolai), 武雄 (Takeo), Dempsey. Good to see you 3 again.

Takeo: Abbi.
Nikolai: It's good to see mistress again. ;) (Wink)
Dempsey: Hey. it's been a long time. :) (Smile)

Abbi: *Smirks* Yeah, since Moon. Then I married Al.

Dempsey: Yeah.
Takeo: yes.
Nikolai: Da. *drinks vodka (winch he thankfully brought with him this time)*

Abbi: *Smiles and realizes her hair is in a ponytail* My hair was down yesterday... Why is it up?

Twilight: *Came downstairs* I put it in ponytail while you're knock out last night when you came here.
Spike: True. ;)

Abbi: ...... Ok? *Thoughts: Even though I prefer it down because of Weasel* *Blushes and Smirks*

Then. A light blue Pegasus with headband walk calmly through the door. everyone look at her. so dos Twilight.
Twilight: Uh Knight? :? (Confused)
Knight: 私は、トワイライトごめんなさい。(I'm sorry, Twilight.) is this ninja here too early?
Twilight: It's alright. Knight

Abbi: :? (Confused)
Takeo: *Looks over Abbi's head*
Abbi: -_- Takeo... Get off of me....

Knight: *notice Takeo* Hello

Takeo: Hell- *Gets pushed off by Abbi*
Abbi: What point of "Get off me" did you not understand?

Knight: In japan, They said that in my langue. Japan is my birth place.

Takeo: *On the floor with his hooves up* I'm from Japan too. Could someone please help me up?
Abbi: No.

Knight: *her wings glow blue, getting Takeo back on his hooves*

Takeo: Thank you.
Abbi: :? (Confused) Da-
Samantha: Fuk?

Twilight: Let me explain: I first meet Knight at town squire, seeing her wings glow and ponies looked at her bit curious, she carried a crate by magic of her wings to her BLU team. Medic told me about her. I was impressed what she did. She became my Apprentice that day.

Abbi: *Eyes widen* ................................Ok?

Then Dempsey gets curious about what Twilight said. ''BLU Team''?

Abbi: Never heard of it.
Samantha: Same.

Dempsey: *thoughts: BLU? What is that?)
Richtofen: *thoughts: ''BLU Team?*
Takeo: *thoughts: What is this group called ''BLU Team''?*
Nikolai: *Thoughts: BLU?* :? (Confused)

Samantha: Care to explain?
Abbi: *Rolls her eyes and lays down*

Twilight: Alright. Well, It's group of mercenarys from a other world like you. there are 13 classes. 3 are Offence, other 3 on Defense, 3 are good support. 3 more classes are called ''Workers'' like Defense and support: they help their team in need, hiding away in darkness and delivering aimmo and learn the art of kung fu. Knight is one of them

Knight: that's right. in team's full name ''Builders League United'' or BLU for short.

Abbi: *Asleep*
Samantha: Interesting.

Knight: Twilight, while on the way here, Red Storm taunted me. A mistake for a artist like me she said *cried softy*

Takeo: Don't let others bring you down. Show honor in your self.

Knight: *whips away tears and looked at Takeo* Do you think so...? :? (Confused)

Takeo: *Nods with a smile*

Knight: *thoughts: ......Mr. Masaki is well like Demo......* ...Alright, I will..... *smiles softy back*

Takeo: *Nods*

Richtofen, Dempsey & Nikolai: *Notice Takeo smiling* :?

Richtofen: *Whispers to Dempsey* Do you see him smile before?

Dempsey: *Whispers Back to Richtofen* No... *Whispers to Nikolai* Do you Nik?

Nikolai: Нет (No)

Then Al. Jr flies above Abbi

Jr: Hi Mom.
Abbi: *Looks up* Al. Jr!

Twilight: *come down stairs*the others are outside if your wondering, their waiting for you guys.

Jr: I don't think my Mom doesn't care right now.
Abbi: *Blushes* Heart

Twilight: if what world you in right now is Equestria and town you're in is Ponyville.

Abbi & Weasel: What-ville?

Spike: Twilight said ''Ponyville''

Abbi: I know. 

-Outside, you can see Green Run Group and 3 Mobsters outside of Ork Libery now as ponies-

Abbi: *Walks around and sees Finn, Sal, Billy, Samantha, Stu, Marlton, Misty & Russman* Mom! Daddy! *Runs towards them*

Twilight: Well, alright now you all here. try expore around town and meet my friends who lived here, I'm sure all of you will do fine plus you need a map of this town, *horn glows and map was surrounded with magic* here take this map of Ponyville.

Abbi: *Her horn appears* 
Allie & Jr: Whoa....

Twilight: I didn't know you could do that.
Spike: Me too.

Abbi: Do what? 
Sal: You got a horn on your head dumbass. 
Abbi: Screw off Salvatore. *Eyes turn from brown to red*
Sal: *Lays down on the ground with his ears down*

Twlight: *seeing sal do that, chunkles*

Spike: easy now.

Twlight: okay I'll see all of you here again at sunset, I have other friends you like to meet. okay? I have an apprentice to teach, a light blue female Pegasus, she's Japanese artist but the most talented artistic apprentice I've ever encountered. okay?

Dempsey: Alright.

Spike: whoa! Abbi, look at your Cutie Mark, it....change. *points at her flank*

Samantha: It did say Weasel's name on you with blue surrounding it then once you snapped at Sal, it changed to a Z. 
Abbi: *Raises an eyebrow* Wha?

Twilight: well look,

Abbi: :? (Confused)
Samantha: Don't bother giving her something to read. She just gets confused. 
Abbi: *Glares at her*

Twilight: Well, Everyone, you all got one, look at your flanks.

All: *Look*

Weasel's is Cage in fount of it; was a knife

Finn's mark was Cage with Misery box in fount

Sal's was Cage with a target

Billy's was up arrow in fount of it, cage with blue lighting bolt

Russman's was green backpack with a shotgun

misty's mark was blue box with six point and four point star on it

Marlton's was tool box behind it was blue print

Stu's was Dark red circle with TF2 Ghost surrounded with purple/pink sprites

Dempsey's is camouflage star

Takeo's cutie mark was Japanese sun in fount was katana

Nikolai's was Red pentagon with stickie

Edward's was Blue lightning with purple ontline

Sam's was Red Heart with letter Z

Abbi's was Red Heart with word ''Weasel'' in it with Blue smaller hearts surrounded it, it changes to Z when her eyes are from brown to red.

Allie's same Red heart with a letter Z

Jr's was a yellow star with a Letter Z

Samantha: *Laughs* Al's name is on your ass! 
Abbi: *Blushes* Damn...

Takeo: Honorable Mark, Anyway, Twilight, did you mention your apprentice?

Abbi: *Chases Samantha* GET BACK HERE!!

Twilight: yes I did.

Knight: ミス·トワイライト、(Miss Twilight) What's Today's spell teaching?

Twilight: Oh right, See all of you back here at sunset. *Wents into Liberey and Closes the Door with magic*

Abbi: *Drags Samantha back* Where's Tealight going? 

Samantha: you mean Twilight, Abbi

Billy: I had no idea.

Then suddenly, A Pink earth pony came from behind Billy Handsome with a smile on her face, her mane was poofy and her cutie mark was two blue balloons with yellow strings and one yellow balloon with blue string. just from behind that started everyone.

Abbi: Whatever. *Turns around and eyes widen*

Pink earth pony: Hi! ^^

Abbi: Uh.... *Looks at everyone then to Pink Earth Pony* Hello? 

Pink earth pony: HI I'm Pinkie Pie! I'm A Party Planer! Are you new here? What are your names? Want a Party? Pinkie Pie 

Abbi: Uh... I'm Abigail Arlington, and these are my friends and family...

Pinkie Pie: *looks at everyone* Hi! Waving Sparks 

Richtofen realize that pony looked familiar to him too.

Richtofen: :?
Dempsey: Da-
Nikolai: -F**k?
Takeo: Okay??

Allie: *Stands beside Weasel and whispers* Daddy, I'm scared...

Pinkie Pie: *sees Allie was scared, had an idea, gets out a 3 rubber chickens and a ball, stands on the Ball and starts jugging, randomly sings* Music I'm little silly Filly! that's what I'm. Happy little one that I'm little silly Filly!`Music

Allie: *Glares*
Abbi: Please stop... My daughter isn't into that funny stuff unless it Sal hurting himself.
Sal: HEY!

Pinkie Pie: :? (Confused) *then gets an idea* Meow :3 *puts one rubber chicken away, goes to Sal and picks him and gets back on the ball. And starts jugging with Sal instand*

(Fact: Pinkie Pie, she represents the element of laughter. She works at Sugarcube Corner and lives on the bakery's second floor with Gummy, her pet toothless baby alligator. She writes and performs many songs, and is the source of many of the comical and cartoonish gags in the show. from here )

Allie: *Smiles a little*

Takeo: *smiles* :) (Smile) 

Nikolai: *giggling* Pikachu Giggle Plz 

Dempsey: *snickers* Pikachu Giggle Plz 

Weasel: *Snickers* 
Abbi: *Smirks*

Pinkie Pie: NNNNNNNNope! Meow :3

Nikolai: *giggling more* *thoughts: Why Abbi give silly pony an idea?* Pikachu Giggle Plz  

Pinkie Pie: Everypony! Throw more stuff to juggle! Meow :3

Abbi: Lets throw Richtofen in!

Richtofen: Vhat?? O.o 

All: *Randomly throws everything in there*

Pinkie Pie: WOOOOO WOOO!! Meow Shake Fish 

Abbi: *Smiles and stands close to Weasel* Heart

Nikolai: *laughing and takes a picture of this happening*

Everyone: *Laughing like a compete manics* Pikachu-lol 

Then Pinkie randomly Stops and lets everything fall to the ground with Sal

Sal: *screams then lands on his head on the ground on the way down* OWWW!!! Hurt 

Allie: *Laughing like a compete manic* Pikachu-lol 
Abbi: *smiles at Allie* oh Allie. :)

Everyone but Sal: :iconclappingplz: 

Pinkie Pie: *bows almost grandly in funny way*

Sal: *thoughts: She can be a funny Bitch but I'm gonna get her for this* -.-'

Pinkie Pie: Bye~Waving Sparks *hops away*

Allie: *laughs then coughs and pant* Hahahahaha *cough* hahaha... What happened? ;)

Abbi: you're laughing too hard after Sal landed on the ground with his head.

Allie: Yeah it's funny!! X3

Sal: ^^; *tries hide his face in pubic*

Abbi: com' on, Tinylight let us wonder around.

Richtofen: Dämmerung (Twilight) -.-'

Abbi: Whatever. -_-

Everyone wondered around in town, they greeted by the locals, fillies and Bucks walked playfully around them (Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo & Nikolai), Some stallions fallen in love when Abbi walked with Weasel. some wanted to get rid of him but they let it go that early, Abbi failed to notice and bump into Skyblue peagus.

Scout: Sorry, Didn't notice ya there.

Abbi: That's alright

Scout: good, what's ya name?

Abbi: Abbi?

Scout: Nice to meet'ca!

Weasel: Well are you going to say your name?

Scout: Um....Well since you asked, The names Scout!

Everyone: :?

Scout: :? .......''The'' Scout?.....

Everyone: :?

Scout: ....... BLU Mercenary?

Everyone: Oh...

Scout: Glad ya'll got the picture, I didn't think it'll be buried there

Abbi: *eyes wide and twitching* Sorry, What did you say??????

Everyone but Abbi: *shaking their hooves in fear & worried, mouthing out words without Abbi knowing what their doing* Don't Mention it! Run! Save yourself!! Don't Say it!!

Scout: Buried? :? (oh He is screwed big time.....)

Everyone but Abbi:Face hoof 

Abbi: *growls, Eyes turn from brown to red, Cute mark changes and puts her nose to scout's*

Scout: *scared* Is it something I Said?

Abbi in Demonic Voice: BRUTUS!!

Thus appeared An Undead earth pony stallion, He worn helmet with Glass view nearly broken, Prison guard uniform with barbwire on his left front leg and other on his right back leg, his eyes is glowing Red.

Scout: Oh S*it......o_O *Thoughts: Maybe I should've thought of this sooner.....*

Stu: *lean to left out behind Abbi's back, Whispers* Scout, Run....

Abbi: *To Brutua* FECTH ME HIS SOUL!!!

Scout: O_O *runs away from Brutus*

Brutus: It will never be over!!!! *Chases after him*

Abbi: *clams down, Eyes back to brown, looks at the locals*

Locals: O_O' *their're scared what Abbi did that, then smiled and go on their business like THAT never happened*

Richtofen trying to piece together of Why and How everything and two looked familiar to him, it's almost like it was a memory long forgotten in his mind....

Richtofen: *Thoughts: First, Twilight, Then Pinkie, This all too Stange to me, it's can'y be-*

Then something to Richtofen, His mind went white in a flash, He saw.... horrific image of the houses, ponies and the sky.... the sky was bloody yellow, houses are a wreck and damaged, ponies are different: Their eyes are glowing Red, Blue, Yellow and Red-ish yellow, their are injures on them and bleeding from the wounds, screams filled the air, injured ponies appeared to be zombies, their growling, snarling and screaming, 5 of them are eating off corpse of dead stallion, One damage house had a writing on the wall that read ''Ascend from darkness'' it terrorized him.

Richtofen: *Eyes wided, Screams in horror*

Abbi: *Looks at Rikky* :?

Martlon: Are you right? :?

that image had to end quickly and everything went to normal once more in Doctor's mind, it felt like a Nightmare to him but it all seem.... too real...

Richtofen: *Panting and terrorize, eyes still opened* I vill be fine, It'z...... It'z nozhing at all......

Takeo, Dempsey & Nikolai are beginning to same feeling as Richtofen does, everything around four of them begin to look familiar to them.... But How?
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