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hello! welcome to my group.
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Springtrap: Goldie, you sure been through a lot.

Golden Freddy: Yeah, specially you had one that is Mangle, Freddy has a wife, Foxy has one but Bonnie and me.

Puppet: Hey, hey hey, guys I overheard boss is talking about Fran's old boss sent a other Animatronic here and Fran told the new robot that he/her will be staying in The Parts and Service room.

Golden Freddy: No one told me that? wow, I need a nap. I'm tired.

Springtrap: Planing to take a nap in the Part and Service? I think that Animatronic is still in there.

Golden Freddy: Well, I can't let that be on my case right now. *Opens the door and enter the Parts and Service.*

Springtrap: ..... *Looks at the camera* Can't say I tell him.

Golden Freddy closes the door and turns off the lights, In the Parts and Service is a dirty, dusty room, with wires and pipes along the walls. The floor is smooth, with a black and white checkered pattern, and appears to have a dark fluid splattered on it - possibly oil. The room is extremely dark, making the use of the Flashlight almost mandatory to view it.

There is a grey wall decorated with a green-and-blue checkered stripe that comes from the left side of the dark room. In the middle of the room, a narrow wall divides the space in half. This wall also appears to have the same dark fluid on it as the floor.

It's Backstage is a small room located to the left of the Show Stage, used to store spare animatronic parts. The room consists of a checkered, white-and-black tiled floor and a small table, on which sits an endoskeleton and an extra Bonnie head.

To the back and left of the room sits a shelf, holding three spare Bonnie heads, two of Chica's, and three of Freddy Fazbear's. An open door can be seen on the right wall, with a sign that says "EMPLOYEES ONLY" above it. Wires hang loosely from the ceiling to the right of the camera.

Golden Freddy does remembered finding himself and Springtrap in there, nearly scrap and his endoskeleton has been removed by the employee, the golden days that he still remembered with his pal before The Bite of '87.

(In fact, Golden Freddy/Fredbear is the one who cost it by the older brother of the crying child has been shoved into his mouth and he didn't know that until it's too late; the child is already dead once Goldie shuts his mouth full force. I learned that from Markiplier when he's playing FNaF 4, I drew this picture here. The Bite of '87)

Of course, he still regret that day and hate child's older brother for it before getting replaced but He still remembers his real name: Fredbear.

Golden Freddy gone to the corner and sits down, let his head rest on his shoulders and dirt off to sleep.

Golden Freddy dream that day the child died, and more images of child being drag helplessly into his mouth and his head is crushed and blood flowing out of Goldie's mouth and tears filled with regret, oil tears rain down from his eyes to his cheeks and onto the floor, he twitch and finch every direction til he wakes up.

Golden Freddy: I'M NOT A MONSTER!!!! *panting, looks around and looks down, tears still streaming down* .....Just.... Just a nightmare..... It's.... It's in the past now, child's brother and his friends did THIS to his brother and me. *sighs* I do wish if there's still hope in life.


Golden Freddy: !? *Looks around*

Golden Freddy gotten the feeling that he's not alone in that room, he never was, he began to looked around til he saw a silhouette, he can't make it out but it appeared to be a female bear, wearing blue gloves that reached her elbows, dark blue dress revealing her leg and wearing gater belt and heels, she appeared to looked a lot like Francine Fazbear but different color; her fur is golden and her hair is blonde and she have it into a bread. her eyes are Black and White like his.

Golden Freddy: Francine? :?

Golden Francine: No, Lover Boy, not like my opposite but a lot like you~

Golden Freddy: *Felt his heart fluttered, blushing red* w-What? when d-did you...?

Golden Francine: *walked closer to Golden Freddy, blushing* What's a matter, Fredbear? Did a dog got your tongue?~ Heart

Golden Freddy: *Blushing like a mad man* I-I d-don't ....Uh... I-I Um.... How-how did you- um... Hibiya Amamiya-01 (Shy Blush) [V2] 

Golden Francine: *Smirked* I know EVERYTHING about you sweetheart~

Golden Freddy: *stumbled a little* Just.... w-who are you....? *Felt his heart racing*

Golden Francine: *Winks* The name is Golden Francine. I'm Francine's gold opposite ~

Golden Freddy: *Blushes darker red* When did Fran- How did you got here?

Golden Francine: Mine and Franny's old boss sent me here. He was tried of me doing nothing since the human girls took out my damn endoskeleton... So, he put my parts back in and sent here. Why? Are you writing a book, handsome?~~~

Golden Freddy: *gulp* O///~///O (thoughts: How did she....? Damn, she suffered same thing as me.... wow.... I just meet new animatronic and this one is a sex tease....O///o)

Golden Francine: *Smirks and pins him to the wall* Looks like Francine was right~ Love is such a dangerous task~~ *Giggles*

Golden Freddy: *Thoughts: Ooooh crap....* *Gets kissed by Golden Francine* Mhhmh-!?

Golden Freddy got kissed by Golden Francine, He felt his heart beating faster then before. Golden Freddy slowly gave in and kissed her back.

Golden Francine: *Breaks it and raises an eyebrow* Romance not your type of game?

Golden Freddy: I-I-It's my first time..... *Blushing more darker red*

Golden Francine: *Blushes* !!! Whoa! I don't go THAT far lover boy!

Golden Freddy: *Smirks and then pins her on the wall* Now you realized it's MY turn now...

Golden Francine: *Eyes widen and blushes darker* I told you already Gold! I. Don't. Do. Sex! That's to far!

Golden Freddy kissed her kissed her again, this time; it gotten rougher and rougher...

2 hours later

Knight, came from Equestria with (Younger) Edward Richtofen to visit her old friends at Freddy's, after she met them, she can't find Golden Freddy, so she goes to Puppet, Springtrap, Freddy and Francine

Knight: *To Puppet, Springtrap, Freddy and Francine* Have you four seen Golden Freddy?

Marionette: Last time I saw him was when he was by himself.
Springtrap: I saw him at Parts and Service.
Francine: Oh no....

Knight: What's wrong?

Francine: I told Golden Fran to stay in Parts and Service...
Freddy: Oh no...

Knight: まあ、それはその悪い状態、右することはできません. Sweating a little... (Translation: Well, it can't be that bad, right.... Sweating a little...)
Edward Richtofen: :? (Confused)

Golden Francine: *Parts and Service* Golden!~ 
Francine: Oh dear god... Kill me...

Golden Freddy: *Parts and Service* Goldie~ Heart
Freddy: *To Richtofen, put his paw on his shoulder and gentle banging on it* Why me? Why me?

Golden Francine: *growls* She like to ruin my fun... *Puts her gaterbelt back on*

Knight: Francine, I didn't know you had a gold opposite.
Edward Richtofen: Nether do I.

Francine: She worked with me in the club before I came here... 
Golden Francine: *Appears in the dining room, hair messed up badly, gloves barely on, dress ruffled badly on the bottom half* Why must you ruin my fun darling?

Golden Freddy: *Appears in the dining room beside her, hair messed up badly*
Knight: what happened to the both of you?

Golden Francine: Things that Francine and I know to do~ *Blushes and bites her lip* 
Francine: *Blushes* P-Perv!!

Knight: O~o Someone, please kill me now!
Plushtrap: *Comes in with the Ray Gun* Okay

Golden Francine: *Looks down and kicks it with her heels* Oops, looks like it gone~ 
Golden Francine: *Rolls her eyes and crosses her arms*

Knight: *Whispers to herself* I'm going to tell Bella about this,

The End!~ Meow :3
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